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complaining vs observation & reactions

Good Morning everyone.

Today I’d like to discuss PL. Principle 2 ” I will not have complaints about others, matters, nor the weather.  Rather I will always be creative and will look for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.”

23dbee890ee8f315dd46ad9ec995bdf4This is a lesson that I reappears in my life over and over again.  I don’t see myself as a complainer, however, there are times when I feel that my feelings or work is not appreciated.  It is true, that I do things because I want to.  I also love what I do.  why then do I seem to want some kind of feedback, or acknowledgement of my creativity. Please dear reader, understand these are musings.  In Principle 2, as you read above, I am to work at not having complaints about others, yet, there are times when I definitely feel that someone or others are simply not responding to a request I’ve made or given feedback on a subject that pertains to something we share or are both involved in. I ask myself, is it complaining to speak up, put my thoughts and feelings on the table? Or, is it being honest and open about something that bothers me?


PL Principle 6 I will not be stubborn, being captured by my own thoughts.  

PL Principle  17, I will not say or do things that hurt others.

PL Principle 14,  I will not have a mind to be lazy, I will not have  complaints while working, nor be overly concerned and complain about others.


Some days, when not sure just where to “land”…. when you feel that your head is in one place and your thoughts in another… I do what makes me feel better, I meditate and pray.  I remember that PL Precept 18 reminds me that “Each Moment is a turning Point”


Be with God

Today, and everyday

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri


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Push to Stop

downloadIf you drive you know all about the emergency brake, and how and when  to use it.  But what about own behaviour, do we have the owner’s manual handy for our “self-control”  Do we know where it and how to employ it when a situation or circumstances get out of hand,

We have all had moments when we have been confronted with an angry person, we’ve seen the facial signals, the change in body stance, perhaps you’ve had such instances yourself where you’ve felt the anger build, and you simply want to vent.c018a42c5663032a6d95b8e50e52d216Shove off…………… Stay off my patch …………….. leave me alone ………………..you are ticking me off ………………. I said NO !  For sure we know this is not the face of kindness, or an invitation to come closer for a hug.  This “Being” is clearing expressing his/her mood at the time of the picture.

2f1cfd49184635960b0f6f4960355bbaNor is this a sign of wanting company, or your interference.   Very clear signs, why do we ignore them, think we know best, or want to have our needs met when the other person is unresponsive.  Someone once said to me, when her  spouse had just such a face… “I don’t understand, I’m happy and want him to be happy”  We are not always on the same page at the same time.  And another person’s mood may have absolutely nothing to do with us.  Respecting someone else’s space is so very important,  in all relationships/ interactions. family, friends or otherwise.


Donald has the right idea  here, this is the “talk to the hand” signal… It means, stop, I no longer want to listen, “talk to the hand”  A friend once explained this to me, I’d never seen it before.  She was a manager of an office, and had to listen to a lot of flack at times, when she had enough, she would raise her hand, like Donald is doing, and we would know, she’d reached her limit.. it said give me a break, come back another time..  I’ve used this over the years, it saves a lot of grief. gives all parties a chance to just chill, reflect and calm down.


Find your emergency brake and when you need to use it… Please do so… activate it….  spare others around you that negative moment that is yours to alone to own.

a0e4e764dcLove is unconditional, we are loved no matter what our mood, or actions are.  It is just easier for everyone when we learn to take ownership of our actions, and discover an appreciation  for a quieter state of mind.

Namaste    –   Oyashikiri


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