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Hello.. imagine walking along and coming across this scene.  This picture was taken in an abandoned amusement park.  The dinosaurs in the park are made from fiberglass.  the prehistoric park reportedly opened in the early 1960’s and closed in  1999.  The sculptor was a James Q.Sidwell, when I came across the article, I thought. I wonder how he feels now that the park has just been abandoned, yes there are motion sensors to keep out vandals, but the creativity of the crew that put the park together .. has been left to return to nature.

dinosaurs 2

I came across this bit of information because I followed the trail of this picture posted by Cyriaque Lamar (4.27.10 filed to Modern Ruins) for more reading on this piece you can  read the original post here.     When we come across these “wonders” we can only guess at the reason they closed their doors.


As an artist I’ve learned that every day is a new canvas.  In PL. PL Precept # 1 is LIFE IS ART   Every day is a new beginning,to be able to accept and delve into the challenges of the day, makes us stronger, and better people.  Learning to let go, is not easy.  The above picture (nuevomundotours.com)   is of the Inca trail in Peru.  I remember a time when I searched through books, and checked travel guides for how I could get to Peru.  I never got there, and my life has not been any poorer because that desire didn’t come to pass.  It was a passion, it passed, replaced by something else … that took me in another direction, and filled my life at the time.

Just because we want something today, doesn’t mean that if it is not meant to be, we should be lost and devastated.  Rather, appreciate the desire, the passion, enjoy the moment, capture it if you must, but be ready and willing to let it go’


Freedom is a state of mind.

When you can allow yourself total immersion

in the moment

the JOY of life will be with you always

Love is life

Love is being ONE

with the Universe/GOD



brdge, Inca

This is an Inca rope bridge (Qeswachaka) above the Apurimac river in Peru. Rope bridges were simple suspension bridges over canyons and gorges (Pongos) that provided access for the Inca Empire.  traffic was limited to pedestrians and livestock and were an integral part of the Inca road system …

bridge, northern Pakistan

This bridge is known as the most dangerous bridge in the world.  The Hussaini Hanging bridge is only one of many precarious rope bridges in Northern Pakistan. These rickety cable and plank bridges are long and poorly maintained.  Planks go missing, and strong winds shake the bridge as you cross it.

ladder, 5stories high,Putucusi,Peru

OK 1 more.  This is how one scales Putucusi, (Peru) it is a hike that brings you up adjacent to Machu Picchu, it is said to be about 5 stories high.  One hiker hiked for 4 days over the top of the Andes on the Inca trail to get to this ladder.

PL lesson,  Everything that happens to us, is material for Growth.

I lost my cell phone today. Won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say after searching and searching some more, it has not turned up. There are a few more steps to be taken tomorrow, but the long and short of it is that I simply will likely find myself with out a phone. (cell)   Didn’t use it much, will I miss it, it will be inconvenient at times.  However…interestingly I am not really concerned.  whatever happens it will be for the best.  I believe that.

Would I cross the bridges I’ve shown you in this blog.  If I needed to get to the other side,and that was my option, yes I would.  Would you?

Peru,Machu Picchu

Peru – me and you?

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri



*by mauro gambini,Flickr

**by grace murano (extreme bridges


**** Machu Picchu (Old Peak) wedding.theknot.com

Tuning into tomorrow

d76d3ccfda1e00bf599e4fd88ad7e809Another time and place – Cloud People of Peru.  These figures balance on the ledge of cliff, their gaze fixed where the first rays of the rising sun will appear.  They wait for a new day to dawn.  The Chachapoyas were an ancient Andean people known as the Warriors of the Clouds.  They inhabited the mist swathed rain-forests of what is now known as Northern Peru.   These figures stand as remnants of a civilization that was wiped out some 5  hundred years ago. They look out over the vast Utcubamba Valley  (sourced disclose.tv)

civilizations, come and go

nature and its natural wonders

constantly evolve

reminders of another time

echo unspoken wisdom

and  for true seekers

the stories unfold & knowledge is shared

digested and recreated

for the pilgrims of tomorrow 


These Celtic figures on Boa Island,  have stood the test of time… (irishmegaliths.org.uk) these stone aged megaliths show a tender embrace.  Love is what transcends all the realities of today, and  fine tunes our lives for tomorrow and ever after. 



The Universe is what it is,

and we. are part of it,

no more… no less.






Namaste   –   Oyashikiri

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