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Tuning into tomorrow

d76d3ccfda1e00bf599e4fd88ad7e809Another time and place – Cloud People of Peru.  These figures balance on the ledge of cliff, their gaze fixed where the first rays of the rising sun will appear.  They wait for a new day to dawn.  The Chachapoyas were an ancient Andean people known as the Warriors of the Clouds.  They inhabited the mist swathed rain-forests of what is now known as Northern Peru.   These figures stand as remnants of a civilization that was wiped out some 5  hundred years ago. They look out over the vast Utcubamba Valley  (sourced disclose.tv)

civilizations, come and go

nature and its natural wonders

constantly evolve

reminders of another time

echo unspoken wisdom

and  for true seekers

the stories unfold & knowledge is shared

digested and recreated

for the pilgrims of tomorrow 


These Celtic figures on Boa Island,  have stood the test of time… (irishmegaliths.org.uk) these stone aged megaliths show a tender embrace.  Love is what transcends all the realities of today, and  fine tunes our lives for tomorrow and ever after. 



The Universe is what it is,

and we. are part of it,

no more… no less.






Namaste   –   Oyashikiri

Comments on: "Tuning into tomorrow" (4)

  1. Fabulous & fascinating!! Happy & Healthy New Year!

  2. Good thoughts and positive energy to all for the year ahead.

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