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Tourtiere 12.17a

I came home the other day to find this delicious looking tourtiere on the back veranda.  Hmmm… the note was addressed to my husband and I, wishing us a peaceful and healthy holiday and new year.  Instructions were typed on a paper and stuck to the Ziploc bag ….

tourtiere by carmen 12.17

I am not an expert on tourtiere, but this one knocked our socks off.  Wow, the crust was so flakey and light, the filling itself was  exquisite.  We have had a very challenging and exhausting year, this homemade gesture of kindness was such an amazing lift for us. The angel who thought to share her gift/talent with us, is very appreciated.  I have had meat pies and tourtieres before , NON made the impression this one did.  Thank you!

My husband who has difficulty eating … is already anticipating his next piece.  And .. I have learned that some cooks can do amazing wonders where others have failed.

If I had allowed previous experience to colour my thought process, I would have missed out on a tantalizing taste extraordinaire .. Bravo Carmen!!!

Happy week-end everyone…



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