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sunshine on a gloomy day, yes!


PL Precept # 6  Live as the Sun

Have you ever noticed how even on a gloomy day, if a ray of sunshine comes through the clouds, your mood changes, you look up with appreciation, and sometimes smile.

Life is full of an accumulation of small events/moments. If we go through life focused only on what we consider, big, important things that need our attention.  We miss opportunities to notice other things.  How often do we walk by a neighbour’s house, intent on getting to the bus stop, or to where we are headed.  We don’t see the neighbour unless they speak to us, nor do we see their garden, the flowers… we are on “the go”.  Busy, Busy, Busy.

Our lives are what we make of them,  Our days, nights, how we live them.. we are creating our own unique work of art.

PL Precept # 1   Life is Art

sunshine 2

Be like the sun, bring sun shine into the lives of others, it will radiate back into your own.  Cultivate positive and strong relationships .. When we love with a true and trusting heart, the rewards multiply and happiness becomes the mainstay of every day life.

Namaste      –       Oyashikiri

Good day, Bom dia, Goedendag

abandoned 2The start of another work week, you find yourself doing the same drive, at the same pace, and really not getting anywhere fast.

Is today, another day, or is it like yesterday, ho hum, if you turn the radio on, already they’ll be playing songs that are all about snow and Xmas themes.

Did you bring your thermos of coffee/tea?  What is it that is keeping the traffic at such a slow pace.

You realize no matter how you fret, or how you moan and groan, it is simply going to happen the same way every day, unless you change your pattern.

Maybe go a different route,it could be a bit of a round about way, but the scenery will be different, and hey

since the traffic is not all going the same way, lane after lane, just maybe

you’ll get to work on time,  bonus, you’ll have time to leisurely make your way to your desk

habits and patterns are hard to break

we do get attached, some of us .. no matter how long it takes us, we are determined to take that fast lane with every other driver headed into the city

Try doing something different today, just for fun, see if you can do it… with a happy start it can be done,

when we take the challenge to do something different, we are often surprised at just how easy it becomes to find that doing something new, is rewarding.  Letting go of tired and old habits, can and will leads us to a whole new way of seeing life.   New experiences, new people, and new adventures.

1935 International C30 wpid-waroona-vintage-rally-10-jpg

When we follow our dreams, and walk unknown roads, we grow, we are happier, the seeds we sow, will reap rewards.

PL Precept # 18   Each Moment is a Turning Point.

Namaste      –       Oyashikiri


Live each day with Excitement

Live each day with Excitement

PL. teaching. Live Each Day With Excitement > Challenge everything with enthusiasm. You will be rewarded with joy and encounter happy occurrences.

PL is a non denominational church, Did you know that? To embody the PL teachings, you do not have to go up into the mountains for hours of meditation, nor fast for many days. Oshieoyasama gives us simple practical and useful ways to learn to live the PL Way.. (You can learn more by contacting one of our ministers today, or myself for contact information in the country you are in) Our website is in the right sidebar.

Life is Art, is the foundation of our faith. Your life is your very own unique work of art. If you cut corners or miss important details, you will not be able to live up to our fullest potential.

Everyone wishes to be happy and lead happy lives. Your environment and the things that happen in front of you are all materials for your self expression. In PL we are taught that with God’s blessings we will be able to freely express ourselves using these materials.

There is only one you.an individual, so unique and special, YOU are the artist. Together, let us live this day with excitement and enthusiasm.

B L E S S I N G S  for a God filled day..

Love and Light

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