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Chop Suey -Saturday


Listening intently, even tho’ the message could be one of great value, if you do  not understand the language, you can only watch and listen to the words being spoken and assimilate what you can.  This was my first time to experience such a moment,  My first time in a foreign country where the primary language was totally foreign to my ears.  One of the other participants when we talked of this, said, ” what we need to do is just drink in the essence, and the ambiance of being here”.


The greatest lessons from my last trip to Japan, were the ones where I learned about myself, how I cope, and that I managed through all the various challenges to come away with heartfelt connection to the country and the people there.


It is about covering the distance between me, myself and I and my surroundings.  It didn’t matter really what country I was in, or who was there. What mattered was that I was alive, I was taking in new visual and auditory information, and my taste buds were experiencing new and wonderful delicacies.

It all seems subtle at the time, because you are living it, 100% the world is vibrating with newness.  It is the same sky, but … no… it’s not…. you are drinking water, eating food, but …nothing is the same. Things you never thought you could do…ie. enjoy their bathing customs, by the time I left, it was all so natural and part of my day.  You assimilate, you simply live in a mindful state.  If  I had gone there thinking of doing that, I doubt it would have happened


Life is Art…………………. in nature, when one goes with the flow and allows life to happen,  the results are often extraordinary.  when we try to structure every second of our day, we go against the natural ebb and flow of the world around us.

PL Precept # 18    Each moment is a turning Point

PL Precept #7  Everything exists in Relativity.

drawing a blank


How I managed to get a picture in the busy underground in Japan with no rushing of passengers is beyond me, but I did. I still recall vividly the hustle and bustle of the station. We (Rev.Goto and family) were on our way to the PL headquarters in Osaka.  We had stayed in Tokyo and were now waiting for the super fast train that goes between the two cities.  There was so much for me to see and take in that there were moments when I “drew a blank”.

WP_20130728_002Exiting the city, I was enthralled with all the signs, that were to me works of art, I have no knowledge of the Japanese language,  spoken or otherwise, it was all new and exciting.  Even when we sped past open spaces in the countryside, I was absorbing  all I could take in.


Rice fields… they were everywhere, even downtown in the town where the PL headquarters is.  I didn’t think it was overwhelming, because I was so immersed   I knew nothing but the experience of the moment.  Imagine walking down a street and instead of a backyard I see a small rice field.  The traffic, driving on the opposite side to what I’m used to, taxi’s with their pristine white doilies on the back of the seats, the chauffeur in a suit and the interior of the cab  like a small deluxe waiting room. To this day, the memories of my trip come back to me, especially when I find myself staring at a “blank wall”

IMG_6711The bullet train is a work of art.  The visions, sights and sounds of my trip filtered into my brain and were stored, like the train that speeds through the countryside on its mission of getting passengers from pointy A to B,  The blank wall is a way for the mind to store incoming information.  Sometimes the incoming is just so great, it goes on overload, and for a moment in time we face the blank wall.  With our computers we reboot.


Busy busy we may be…. however it is to your benefit….. that when you hit a “blank wall”…. stop …. take time to reflect and recharge …. the blank wall will melt away, you’ll be blessed with amazing results…  “Life is Art”  (PL Precept #1)


Namaste   –  Oyashikiri

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