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“What do you want that for” my bemused son asked me, after I realized I didn’t have my iPhone with me and needed him to take the picture.  The old truck was sitting forlorn and cold under a blanket of snow. Other trucks in the auto wreckers had been picked clean, or partially dismantled, this one sat old, ignored and alone.

We had arrived at the pickers unprepared, we had no tools with us nor were we really dressed to wander through the back forty on this cold blustery day.  However, my son, knowing I wanted to see an auto wrecker’s yard, took me there after we had our lunch. “Just to look!”  Of course after signing in and we began to wander, my mind went into 2nd, then 3rd gear.

Metal beauties, some mangled more than others, doors gone, engines removed, seats, steering wheels, nothing of value was left if a picker was after the part.  Then I saw it an old Chevy grill with a blue logo on it.”oh honey” look? do you think we can get it off” by now, after years of his Mother, my son takes things in stride.  “we have no tools”..  “I know, but look” and I dashed back to an old truck we had seen along the way that had a bolt remover in its reject pile.  “what do you think” (doesn’t take much to get me excited and as pleased as a young gal in a dress shop)

I truly believe that if you really want something, there is always a way.  It took us several tries, but we got the grill off, and without damaging it.  Please note, my son’s ingenuity and desire to “get it done” helped. =^_^=  I was so chuffed.. my first trip to an auto wreckers, and I had a souvenir  !!!

4c011dc3a26425803c4558ab78a5176bSometimes in life, we see something that other’s don’t.  If it is something you want, really want, then go for it.  We are the masters of our destiny.

What do you see when you first look at the above picture?

Today I took a trip to anywhere, and had a good time. My friend said “where we going?”, my reply was “somewhere and anywhere”.  She accepted that, and was delighted in the results.



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