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Welcome another Friday

Good Morning Everyone!



Daily Devotion..   With a prayerful mind, once you  begin, you cannot stop, there is no room for laziness.    Put your heart into everything you do.    It doesn’t matter if you are “getting anything out of it”.   Whether there is a response is secondary.     It is sincere heartfelt devotion that is rewarding.     It brings transformation.    True worship is a daily act.  Meditate and Pray with a “humble” mind.    Blessings – Oyashikiri

2013-10-25 oct.28 021photography – light and shadows -Q


nonsense you say

All day my mind has been chattering – Buddha, Lao Tzu, Confucius, over and over like a mantra in my head. ” Confucianism, a system of philosophical and ethical teachings founded by the Chinese philosopher Confucius.” (concise Oxford Dictionary) hmmm is this what I should be reading or thinking of in the wee hours when in fact I should be going to bed.  Of course I realize that other “writers” who muse or spend hours in their  “inside chambers” have to contend with such mind babble, but why does it always have to be when one is trying to sleep.  Obviously says little inner  voice, “if you were paying attention, mind wouldn’t need to keep rambling”..

Maybe a toasted tomato sandwich on multi-grain bread is the answer, a search of the kitchen counter shows me that there is no bread, only pita, not quiet the same to the taste buds.  Trust me. Pita and humus, pita and cheese,  pita and taboule but not to replace a toasted tomato sandwich, not tonight anyway.  Even the dog has given up and gone back to bed.

In taking down the dictionary, I came across a little hard cover book on Kuan Yin by Daniela Schenker  accessing the Power of the Divine Feminine , I found this book in one of my wanderings in a book store. It has lovely watercolor images of Kuan Yin accompanied by inspirational contemplations.  I am a Taoist who lives with Perfect Liberty (the teachings of) every day, and had not realized that there was a book about living with Kuan Yin (she is my spiritual guide)  Yet, this book has been here now for some time (maybe years) and I have not really looked at it much, I’ve enjoyed the pictures though.  Would I part with the book – NO – I like having it near, I find that I can pick it up at anytime, read a few lines and feel a connection.

As a student of life, especially Asian traditions, I look back at history, and want to help the practice of  “worship” regain a foothold in modern life.  So often we take for granted the wonders of this world,  Our focus seems to be on the negatives that are happening around us.  Yes it rained off and on all day, but do you see the joy in the fresh young shoots of green that are lifting their little faces to drink in the nourishment falling from the skies.   Do you recall the splashing of little feet in the puddles when you were younger, and the fun of trying to catch the rain drops?

I’ll be going to Japan soon.  My first time ever to leave the North American continent.  I will go for Rensei training.  PL’s spiritual training in the Holy Land Japan.  In 2014  the training will be in the Brazil.  Sensei will be there this year to lead the North American delegates, so I will go to Japan.  I speak neither Japanese or Portuguese so no matter, it will be a totally awesome experience.   hmmm maybe that is why my mind is chattering, I’m excited. ahhhh another light bulb moment.  sigh, now I can turn it off and perhaps get some sleep =^_^=

PL teaching for this day ( 9th)  It’s Interesting Because we all See Things Differently.    Everyone has a different point of view.  Let’s enjoy and appreciate the personalities and the differences we all have.

Thanks for spending some time with me. =^_^=

bear hugs

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