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hello, goodbye


Hey I came by today, you were not at home

I considered going in and waiting

You did leave the door and windows open

but, somehow, I was not anticipating

that  I would be so all alone

Hey, don’t give up! the house has good bones

I know you must have a plan

After all, you did invite me to stop by for a tisane

Perhaps I got the day mixed up

no matter, I’m sure it is just  slip-up

hmmm wonder if there is a message here I am missing

Hello!  Goodbye!

I’ve been dupeded

Here is mud in your eye!


Hello -Goodbye


* webecoist.momtastic.com Haunted Earth

** flickr

Comments on: "hello, goodbye" (5)

  1. velcro2424 said:

    Nicely done…Great shots!!

  2. Love old houses, especially ones like this. Sets off the imagination. Get to wondering what used to happen there. Nice bit about time slipping by. Too often life gets in the way, other things happen, and we don’t catch up like we should. Open ended invitations are easily passed by. Oops, we are older! Oops, we are dead… and that, my dear, is that. 🙂

  3. Emotive images. Wonderful – Merci.

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