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-the diamond-


Nature recreated…..

the diamond is cut to reflect light so that it sings and dances with unbridled energy.

A master craftsman can with patience and skill breath new life and luster where none shone before.

 In prayer and devotion, we too can shape our inner workings, to reflect and radiate a love as pure as the newly formed crystals of a snow.

Holy Spirit I pray unceasingly today and always, that I will continue to grow

as a person, welcoming life enthusiastically,

 I will consider the future my friend, and set courageous goals.

 Last but not least, I will overcome the negative confronting me by doing specific positive, good.

With these resolves as my commitment,

opportunities and challenges will be met, with full systems on go!

my smile will reflect the diamond of my soul…

Namaste    –    Oyashikiri

* dailymail.co.uk -world’s largest D colorless diamond 101.73 carat. carved from 236 rough diamond found in Jwaneng Mine,Botswana

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