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my prayer


As I sit and look out at the view before me

I am in awe at the wonder of the world that surrounds me

I am so linear at times, how is it that I can be so completely free

Yet totally tied to the human bonds of need

I tell myself that I can walk on my own

That there is no reason for me to worry and moan

about something that really is out of my control

for I am but a human with a fragile and seeking soul

I lift my arms towards the sky

my eyes search the heavens  as I hear my silent cry

at first it is but a distant sound, but soon I feel the passion

my heart is full and I am giving full attention

to this burning yearning for your calming embrace

For only letting go of my fears and staying true to you

Will I really and truly find my place

With you in the forever after.

Nothing else matters.

Namaste – Oyashikiri


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