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old and weathered


the building still draws attention

once fully functional


a work of art



Comments on: "Thursday Doors – once upon a time" (11)

  1. Despite being old and weathered there is something beautiful about the building. And you captured this something very well in these photo. Beautiful photos, too.

  2. Patricia Lebrun said:

    thank you for the precept it make us think to in a better life, world peace, to be peacefull, love are self and others.

    thank you, have a good day, my love😀🐩


    Patricia Lebrun

  3. A lovely weathered old door 🙂

  4. yes, a work of art…to be able to find such a building without some large sticker proclaiming something like “protected by Joe”s Security Systems”

    • hey hi you.. long time, how are you doing? I’m heading out towards the coast in a week or so, hope to find more “treasures”

      • i’m doing okay…just actually settling into a sort of a month-long retreat from the outside world. write. read. trying to see up from down. which coast are heading toward?

  5. Atlantic, travel the side roads along the way, let the roads and byways lead the way.. not so much the destination, but the leading out, letting nature and ?? find me. the trip to Japan was wonderful, but it was a lot of travel getting there and back.. need now to.. zone.. =^_^=

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