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Thursday doors


doors can be so inviting, complex or just plain in your face

whatever, when you see a door that is closed,

you want to go inside, especially if it is in a location

where had you come at another time,

it would have been open to visitors.




or like this old fire truck, we could look,

but access was not an option


I encounter doors, in all shapes sizes, and

in very different places


always a door that presents itself

is one of curiosity and intrigue


just imagine all the stories that can be told

thanks for visiting,

another Thursday Doors.

Pl Precept #7  # Everything exists in Relativity

Comments on: "Thursday doors" (8)

  1. Love that old firetruck – nice one 🙂

  2. Nice collection of very different doors. Is that the seat of a tractor mounted on the wall beside the lovely blue door?

  3. in the Grand Junction Amtrak station, just down from where i took my photo for this week’s Thursday Door Challenge, is an old-school wooden phone booth…they are now seemingly relics of the past, but their doors lead to a small place where so many conversations, good and bad, have taken place.

  4. dear Elusive – you are an imp.. you got a chuckle with that one.. waves across the miles, I’m on the island…

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