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Wednesday =musing


another day of sunshine


soon, my days are numbered


unlike my neighbour

the firestation

I will disappear

and be but a fading memory



a season of new beginnings

where colours

taken on different hues

when we see

an array

of rusts,golden glows

and burnt umbers


while tired ladies

of yesterday

settle down for another


where not sunshine

will bathe and soothe

their tired bones

but where the winter snows

will settle on their shoulders

and like a cozy shawl

while away the long winter nights

waiting with them

for the winds of change



I tried wordless – didn’t work -what I did manage was to let my “fish” simmer away in the pan, till it burnt, a lovely shade of charcoal black

sigh…. on the bright side, I did get my blog done..

and.. I enjoyed every minute of it..



Have a great day everyone….

Comments on: "Wednesday =musing" (3)

  1. You too! Love this time of year.

  2. Please categorize the blog as “lovely”. Autumn has more labels than any other season, and just that one more … 🙂

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