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chop suey for Cindy


Cindy this blog is for you.. I had to search through my huge inventory of photos to find a picture of the Wynx Otter.  (Wynx is a builder/designer in Second Life) she is the first builder to give us a huge variety of animal avatars.  The picture you see above is yours truly in her biggie (what we call human form) and in my Dinky avatar. The Dinky is an avatar created by the builder and designer, Etheria Parrott from the UK.

http://www.secondlife.come is the trademarked name of a virtual world, called Second Life. It comes to us from the United States, California.

Here are some examples of the variety offered.  The two avatars on the left upper corner, or the Wynx Otter avatars..  The next picture over shows you a possum, a kangaroo and I think a hippo. The otter is appears again in the white dress bottom right.  In SL (Second Life) for several years, I made clothes for the little avatars, so the pictures with the clothes, are of me modeling the outfit, for my marketing boards.

And yes, at one time, I was able to make enough money with my online shops to trade the linden dollars in for US dollars. I have been a virtual artist/creator since 2007.  I now longer design and make clothes for Tiny or Biggies, the market has changed dramatically with mesh and other software with technical advances that my brain simply does not want to relearn new techniques.. So now I just enjoy my friends.

In the virtual world our friends come from all corners of the world. We enjoy exchanging ideas, and sharing our creativity.  Of course there are many layers of the virtual world, like in our day to day world, it takes all kinds.. right..+^_^=    …

avatar-cabs-otterHere is a new avatar, by a designer who is more current with today’s animations, in that her avatars use a different animation than the Wynx AV.  And can use the regular human animations, they are not limited like the Wynx avatar, it has to have its own set of animations.  CABs store, in SL   For SL community members the link provided will take you to her shop.  If you are not a player in SL, you would have to visit http://www.secondlife.com to download the viewer.  It is FREE

Second Life is not “just” a game, it is a community of players who interact and yes build a second life in a virtual world.  It is very hard to explain, one has to experience it and form one’s own ideas.

Charities operate in SL, it is a source of revenue, may people who are handicapped or disabled and unable to participate in life the way they used to or want to, can do so with the use of an avatar.  Behind each avatar is a real person, sitting at a desk or at their keyboard interacting with you.


Because of this two young ministers, were open to visiting SL and working at a Perfect Liberty “home” to work with people who had signed up to know more about the teachings of PL.  Unfortunately, they were transferred back to Japan before we could do much else, but get their avatars up and running.

There are many social agencies working in SL, for Seniors, for survivors of abuse, the educational land social network is vast.  At any given time there could be over 50,000 people on, and that would be a slow period.

I will leave you with some pictures of Dinky clothes being offered for the Dinky avatar, tell me they are not the cutest… =^_^=


Thanks everyone, for sharing a bit of leisure with me today.  Cheers

50’s dinky line of clothing

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  1. I have read this and am amazed and impressed! I need to reread it several more times to take it all in! I love my avatar! I am going to check out Second Life as well. My son knows a lot more about this so he will join me as I explore Second Life. It sounds like an amazing, creative community! The otter avatars capture the incredible charm of these creatures so perfectly! Your clothes remind me of Thumbelina and her animal friends. Adorable.
    I am so lucky to get to know people like you in our often more “real” virtual world and I do mean this on both levels. There is a depth of communication that occurs over time online that is freeing and more honest. Plus you can find people who you share more in common with, then you often have a chance to do in the non-virtual world.
    Thank you so much for this! I am so impressed with your talent, your creativity and your kindness.

  2. smiles, if you need help and I’m online, holler, do a search for Qyhat Harbour and friend me, I’ll accept and we will be connected, you will be able to see when I am on. Since I won’t know your SL name till you give yourself one.. send me note, saying you are from the holler and I’ll know =^_^=… enjoy.. I warn you, it can be addictive at first, you can explore ruins of ancient times, even the NASA station has a site, there is a lot to explore.

  3. Never thought about the use of the virtual world for people with disabilities or unable to leave the house, or for people sorting through real life issues, etc. But yes, I can see this would be a valuable tool.

    • it is, it was being used by some hospitals for teaching purposes as well, and at one time, Stanford used it for their law students to do practice sessions etc. smiles and waves…

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