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Thursday Doors 2.2.17


I’ve always enjoyed driving by this building, on this particular day, I was drawn to it, the sky behind, the sprinkle of snow…. it was eye-catching.  It has a practical use I’m sure, never-the-less it was “king for the day” in my day of photo possibilities.

A moment in time capture in a lens, without the surrounding buildings, or traffic on the roads, it could be on a desolate patch of land, in an abandoned airport..  Loved it.. Hope you find it stirs your imaginations too.

Happy Thursday everyone… PL Precept # 2  To Live is to Express One’s Self


Ottawa, Hwy 31 and Leitrim Rd.



Comments on: "Thursday Doors 2.2.17" (6)

  1. I see building like this from time to time. One of these days I’m going to have to find out what it is they store in them.

    • sand? salt? they are usually found in city /municipal maintenance yards.. saw another one today on the old hwy driving towards Montreal, actually I was heading out the city near Petrie Island

  2. When I lived in Pittsburgh I saw these all over, mostly near highways. They store salt and road chemicals during the inclement weather months (at least in that part of the country). Here in Virginia I don’t know how we store such stuff…we close down at even the thought of a snow flurry! Still wishing for snow…

    • same here, storage… LOL we don’t close down when there is snow, we have lived with always, this is a 4 season province.. hope you get some snow, it can be so beautiful….

  3. That’s a door many people hope won’t be open all winter. 🙂


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