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Thursday Doors 3.2.17

Rustic charm in a big château built along the Ottawa River on the Quebec side. I meant to go back and take a picture of the main door under the covered driveway that protects passengers as they arrive and drop off their luggage etc.  but forgot, it had been cloudy with rain, and there were times it was just too dreary.  Not to mention busy with people arriving and leaving.

It was a seasonal late February day, the huge majestic stone fireplace was beckoning visitors to sit around the lounging area, and relax.  I enjoy the crackling of a roaring fire, the area was lit in such  way that the dancing flames were merrily putting on a mesmerizing show for all of us who  had succumbed to its many charms.  Huge, the fireplace had huge openings in different direction, so that no matter where you were seated, you could enjoy basking in its glow.

With that pleasant memory firmly planted in my noggin, I’ll head out into the colder brisk air of March 2nd. and run errands.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends, near and far…. for your kind words and support, you are rays of sunlight in my world. Your caring warms my heart, I appreciate each and every one of you.


Montebello, Quebec,Canada

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  1. Nothing quite a like a well-built log building and I can just imagine that fire. 🙂


    • I would love to actually register and stay there when we travel, but we always travel with out dogs.. so… only get to experience the place when we are on an outing sans our “children”

  2. What a charming place. I’ve never seen the ends of logs painted red before, it looks great against the dark wood.

    • for a very well known top class resort that has housed Prime Minsters and huge government conferences, it has always maintained its rustic charm,, thanks =^_^= you are my morning smile! better than a coffee

  3. Good choice – I just love the place!
    We were last there 2 summers ago. It was mid-day and very bright and sunny. The light was too strong and the shadows too dark to get any decent shots of the main door, which if I remember correctly is a brass and glass, not too sexy, commercial-looking door anyway.
    I did get a few nice interior shots, including the fireplace.

    • =^_^= I know I have tried on other occasions, but lighting is tricky if the lighting is good, there is too much traffic to really capture the door. ohhh nice, the fireplace would be nice, I spend my time usually out of doors “when” I am there.

  4. Nice captures; I wonder about the door in the 1st photo with no steps or landing (is that the way they show the politicians out of the conferences? 😉

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