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NY may see another bit of snow yet…

Ephemeral New York

The day before it hit, the temperature (measured from the Equitable Building at 120 Broadway) was a balmy 40 degrees—and the forecast at the tail end of what had been a warm winter called for light rain.

The next morning, Monday, March 12, 1888, the rain had turned to snow, ferocious winds created heavy drifts, and temperatures dropped to the low 20s.(Below, Park Street in Brooklyn)

For the next 24 hours, “the city went into its gas-lighted rooms and its heated houses, and its parlors and beds tired, wet, helpless, and full of amazement,” reported the New York Sun on March 13. (Below, 14th Street)

Take a look at these scenes of the city during and after the “White Hurricane” that pummeled the metropolis at the start of a workweek in mid-March 129 years ago.

About 200 people were killed during the storm itself and many more succumbed…

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Comments on: "A March blizzard pummels New York by surprise" (4)

  1. The weather always amazes me, such a quick change there.

  2. Stay safe – sounds like wicked weather is coming your way!

    • lol thanks… I’m old fashioned, I look outside, got out to the truck, and unless it is a full blown storm, I head out.. I usually get what I need to do done.. even enjoy the roads with out all that extra traffic. =^_^=… life is what we make it… too many see a snowflake as a danger, for me it is part of nature …

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