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thru the mist

birds on a wire 3.14 2017

Since the passing of my Mother, I have drifted from one thought to another when I come to do something with my paints.  For days I had this idea that I wanted to do birds on a wire, but……….. what I had in my mind’s eye and what I was able to think constructively about putting on canvas wasn’t jiving,

I’ve been thinking of bridges, doors,  windows, nothing concrete, just thoughts that drift in and out.  Of course I know in my mind somewhere tucked in a nook, I’m trying to find an abstract form for some of my thoughts.  Life doesn’t just return to “normal” there are so many things to be done, people to contact, and so on.

It is during this time that you see just how different your thinking is from some one else’s. How many times have you heard me say, we are all so unique, each and every one of us.  Evenings is when I like to escape into my workshop and just let my creativity speak for itself.

My playing made the above “statement” and now I’m digesting it.  It isn’t about techniques, or colour choices, it’s about the unconscious mind given a platform to “speak” to me.  My one sister is in the California area, and my nephew has flown back to Australia, that is what I see in the skyline.  My other sister loves birds. and I… I’m abstract.. and in the picture.. but……….where…………probably the messy branch waiting for buds.. I saw buds round ones, faded behind the mist.. just never got to put them in.  Or maybe I’m the leaf blowing in the wind.

The beauty of the moment is that it made me happy.  My sincere thanks to all of you for your caring wishes, I’m fine, life is good, God  is a steady glow within me, your prayers have touched me.. I love you all.


Comments on: "thru the mist" (8)

  1. The birds are surely mother and daughter

  2. Birds also make nests – so you are onto your next phase of life… making a different sort of nest. Happened to me when my father passed. ❤

  3. I love how you think and what you take from your connection with God to canvas. Much love and muahs across the miles to you!

  4. So sorry to hear about your mother. I love how you have taken to painting to express your feelings. Take care, thinking of you.

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