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violet 10.17

Wishing I could reach out and comfort you,

I saw your tears begin to flow

you tried hard to be composed

but the sadness in your heart, needed to let go

You looked out with eyes, that brimmed with pain

your tender heart was bruised and weary

so many senseless deaths, how much more

could you be expected to endure.

Life is not always easy, rainbows appear only after the rain

it isn’t always easy to understand

why there are times., when God calls home the chosen ones

and how it happens, isn’t always  or easy to comprehend

each flower has its time in the sun, then it fades away

and is gone, life simply flows along,

I reached out to wipe your tears

of course you were miles away, yet I know you felt the love

of all who shared your pain that day.

Everything we say and do, is for  reason

sometimes we know right away, and other times

the light bulb comes on when we least expect it to.

Know that always,  LOVE will be there for you

journals are merely earthly tools to help us

mirror what is in our hearts

I send this wish out to you tonight

may the blessings of the moon and stars

bring sweet dreams to you this night

so that tomorrow, all will be sunny and bright.


a prayer for you my friend.



Comments on: "Wishing" (14)

  1. Barb Owen said:

    So beautiful and so very much appreciated. Thank you, my friend. You are very special with an amazing gift. Thank you so much.

  2. A beautiful prayer to bring comfort to your friend – many blessings to you both 💜

    • good morning, thank you, I so appreciate your visits… have a wonderful day.. btw… a happy note, we are thinking of adopting another whippet to be with our Velcro (now 8 years old)

      • You are very welcome and thank you 💜 How lovely that you are thinking of adopting another whippet! Our two really enjoy each other’s company and it will be lovely for Velcro to have another friend and for the new whippet to have Velcro there to welcome him/her. We wish you luck in finding the right dog for you all 🤗💖🐕🍀

  3. Beautiful Dymoon!

  4. So tender and kind. A beautiful prayer for your friend.

  5. This is very pretty, I am going to reblog this one for you.

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