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ocean clean up

I just finished watching a video for the second time.  I enjoyed it the first time I viewed it, and again today.

ocean clean up

Since seeing clips on this project, I have been even more aware than ever, on how disrespectful we have been in how we rid ourselves of waste materials.


Please, let us work together towards a cleaner environment.

Use the present as a starting point, to move forward towards improvements and progress.  Happy start towards a productive new week.


*Boyan Slat’s Ocean cleanup project


Comments on: "ocean clean up" (4)

  1. I enjoyed the video – thanks for linking it! https://www.theoceancleanup.com/ – turns out they want to use the materials they collect, brand them and use the funding from selling those products made from recycled material to make the company self-sustainable! Pretty awesome!

  2. I remember Boyan’s first TED talk years ago. He has come a long way (and matured, too). An amazing project – vision and belief, the rest is details. 🙂

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