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Wednesday musings

perogies 1.24a

Perogies – finally after weeks of thinking about it, I got a package and did them up for lunch.  It has been years and years since I last had Perogies, were they as I remembered them..yes and no.  They did taste of potatoes, and this package said they were filled with 3 kinds of cheese.  All in all it was a good lunch. 4% sour cream, steamed veggies, sprinkled with garlic and seasoning.

Today was about “follow through” tomorrow’s lesson is about living a fulfilled life every day by utilizing things, money , knowledge/energy to their fullest.  Since we got the news that my husband’s illness would be something that we will have to adjust to, we are both working daily to ensure that we stay in a positive, and healthy “mode”.. part of this for both of us, is to remove clutter and negatives, and to rejoice in discovering or rediscovering people and things that we  like/enjoy.

Perogies, is a small something, but an example of wanting the experience again, so I did it.  I have also been diligent in removing items that simply clutter, and no longer hold interest in my day-to-day.  As my husband is fond of saying, “if you do need it, or something like it, you need only go and get whatever it is, when you need it”  It has taken awhile but he has said it often enough that I now “think it” and I am taking action.

It is amazing how much better I feel with each new truck load of merchandise that leaves,  there is still a lot more to de-clutter, but I am making headway.  In doing so, I have rediscovered a new excitement in my creativity, my imagination is able to move at lightening speed when I least expect it to.

Plus I enjoy knowing that someone else will find the crafting tools, etc. that I no longer want and  it will flame their creativity.  What a win, win.

Nao tenha pena de usar

There is no reason to hold back – #25 in PL Calendar.

No escatime para dar



There will be a new chapter on Q’s Storytelling blog dymoonadventures.com




Comments on: "Wednesday musings" (13)

  1. I’m working on de-cluttering too. It’s a slow process but very rewarding.

    • I’ve done smaller de-clutter, but this has been going on now for days, weeks, and I am loving it, more and more. AND I am catching myself, I don’t bring “stuff” back “just because” Waves across the miles…

  2. sharny1962 said:

    Do things that are positive and that make you happy! It’s time to enjoy!

  3. Well done, both of you

  4. I am just wondering why people so much like to keep the old things in their garages, basements, sheds. In my neighborhood only couple persons are using garages to keep the cars there. Rest of the neighbors are using them as a junk storage. Why?

    • LOL we are always wondering the same, when we got the truck, we picked the Honda because it fit.. where other trucks would not. Some people (my thoughts) is fear letting go!

      • Thanks to my Grandmothers I learnt do not save obsolete stuff. They’ve went through the two world war and learnt them-self to keep only those stuff which is vital and which could be carrying in one small suitcase. They saved this habit to the last their days. After they passed away it was really easy to clean up their houses because they had nothing to through out.

  5. memories are carried in our heart

  6. Perogies are delicious. A technique I use when I’m contemplating declutter is I make a box and start putting things I’m considering parting with in it. If I don’t retrieve those items for a period of time – usually a year – I let the stuff in the box go. When my parents and other older couples I know around us were ready to down-size/declutter they have garage sales to help them out. Whatever is left goes to charity. It’s hard especially when it’s your own stuff – sentimentals etc. Hugs!

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