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shoes shutterstock free on the webShoes, the famous story of Cinderella .. and her “slipper”  that could be what got me going, but.. it would have been only one factor in my “love” of shoes.  I have a whole Pinterest section on shoes.. I just like to look them, enjoy the “SASS”.  A much younger me, loved to prance around in a high heel, that gave my barely 5.3″ frame, (what I envisioned myself) as 5.8 or  5.9 striding down a catwalk. For some reason, I didn’t want to be over 6 ft.

My perception of myself was that I was tall.  We all know that at 5 ft. 3 inches, I was not and still am not, in any way shape or form tall.  Yet I still managed to get hired to do shows, because I believed that I “fit” in.  Later of course, I realized that I stood out due to my “Chinese” heritage.  I had not aimed for university to be a doctor, lawyer or ?? no… I wanted to be a model, teach self-improvement, and be in the “business”

Some dreams come true, others, are chapters in your life that you pass through and move on.  I did work with people, and “serve” but through law enforcement, health care, and now ministry.  MY shoes of choice

finn-comfort.jpgI may not look like Cinderella, but wow do my feet feel like dancing, YES!


Changes are the only constant in life.   Life each day the best way you know how.. you will never have regrets.  It’s all good.


Perceptions can be very real, only not in the way you might “see” them… Q





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  1. Just as I came to your blog, my husband and I were watching Cinderella dancing with her prince in Kingdom Hearts (video game) he’s playing right now lol! Hows that for divine timing?! Height is definitely part of perception isn’t it? I can imagine you strutting your stuff in those lovely shoes! Hugs to you today!

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