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Tuesday Chop Suey

IMG_1150 - Copy

What is this?

Como se chama isto?

It is the start of a new season, the flower will grow and bloom, then fade and slowly retire till another season follows.


Some plants are prolific and will show up in groups, they love gathering and rejoice in their moments of sunshine and light.

IMG_1150 - CopyWhile another will come on its own,

Happy to take its time, before reaching high to take its place in the sun

birds on a wire 3.14 2017While all of this is going on somewhere down below on the ground

Many of us are high above in buildings and in other places totally oblivious to the new growth and the life that is happening out of sight of OUR daily lives.  But life does go on, flowers do appear, trees branch out, and the man made buildings are softened, shaded and more welcoming.  People rejoice, take holidays, bask in the sunshine, swim in the refreshing waters and for a short time, commune with or in nature.

Val pink flowers Australia

Depending on where we live, the landscapes and geography will vary and be different. We, however, continue to work, play, eat and sleep in our man-made constructions.  Seldom do we contemplate the ground. Yes, I include the gardener, why, because the gardener is either focused on his plantings and reaping of the rewards, and the landscaper is trying to control the space, shaping and ripping our what in his/her mind does not belong.

When do we let go of what WE want, to allow the unique life expression of another take form.




flowers from Australia –

dew drops – Hillwalker

Comments on: "Tuesday Chop Suey" (5)

  1. Excellent thoughts. I like the comparisons. We often don’t take the time nor interest in observing the small, yet important things of life.

  2. Moz Loordes said:

    Beautiful flowers, I know more about birds, especially where we live in a very rural part of the UK. I love the way different birds sing at different times of the year. Here in the spring season we had blackbirds and robins which have melodious and complicated songs – they are ace songsters and a real pleasure to listen to. In summer we have goldfinches which have a beautiful whittering song that ends in a whistle – enchanting – they like to eat niger seeds so we have that up for them in a bird feeder! Then we have a particular stock dove that has a low pitch song that’s very soothing – he will sing any time of day and season but particularly in the balmy afternoons. We call him Mr Fluffy Feathers 🙂

    • thank YOU I loved your “sharing” .. you are not only visually creative, you can write ” one,” thank you “darling” I so appreciate YOU.

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