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Feliz Domingo


meat and spuds 7.20.18

Left overs for breakfast some like it hot.. which it was first time around… but this I had chilled.  Nice way to start a day.

cartoon dogThis is what happens when you start to doodle a mouse, but are not really into it.  distraction – big time –  I was using charcoal, the actual piece (still at the church) is different, I used scotch tape to remove shading in place.  I sent it around to friends, but got no reaction to “what happened”  .. ok that’s not true, because they all answered something completely different .. and not related to the picture I had included

Distraction?    We have a tendency to read sometimes., actually we glance at it, and then respond.  OK OK not all the time.. but often. I do it, and I know I’m not alone.  The only reason I worked at not doing it, was because I had a husband who having been an editor, was patient and consistent at pointing out to me how often people in his “circle” didn’t answer a question, or completely misread his missive.  He was especially hard on the journalist he worked with.  We won’t go into when he was doing government contracts.

Why do we skip over material, I have discovered that I have begun to skip over pages in a book when it gets boring.  Or, the writer is taking to long to get me to where I want to go.  How unfocused is that?

miceSee I do know what a mouse looks like…   I was going to doodle another mouse.  like duh!  DISTRACTION..

I’m suffering from Not In My BackYard…..symptoms…. torn…. church members and friends are being so helpful.  I’ve gotten some good ideas.  There are actually videos on YouTube. !!!! I’m learning something new every day.

Happy Sunday everyone!  Enjoy the day. Tomorrow is Monday!!!  focus, focus, focus.



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  1. I love your sketches and am an avid “listener-doodler” myself. I find that when I’m trying to read things online my eyes get fatigued very quickly and that contributes to my skipping over and having to re-read things more than once. My mother–in-law both notice this problem with trying to read on electronic devices. My husband doesn’t seem to have nearly the problem. It’s a thing I guess with the difference in generations – we didn’t grow up with technology like this. Hugs to you and thank you for sharing your sketches!

    • waves across the miles.. I always have a sketch book handy, yet I will doodle on envelopes and whatever else is handy…then forget them…have a great start to a new week

  2. hello ….it has been a long time…wanted to tell you that i enjoy reading your blog. and i was saddened by your recent loss. life is filled with such valleys and peaks. facing each day requires courage. one of my favorite quotes is “dont be sad that it is over. be happy that it happened.” sending you much love and light…..

    • hello dear friend, I am so pleased that you dropped in… Thank YOU. It is a new chapter for sure. sending warm hugs.. lots of love

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