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human in training

july 26.18

Pay attention, this is how it is done.  Find where you want to life down, then  let your body relax, put your head down and sleep. You have to really let go. It is easy, follow my lead.

Keeper July 25

I don’t think you are paying careful attention, look I’ll do it for you again, you see how I have positioned myself.  You are watching, yes.  Ok, here goes again.


You have to be totally committed to letting go, relaxing, and following through with the art of sleeping.

What… you want me to what.. move over so you can get into bed.

How thoughtless is that.


image1 sending kisses





PL Precept #15  All is a mirror


Comments on: "human in training" (5)

  1. Our cat has us perfectly trained. He is a master of behavioral modification. Cheers!

    • it is amazing how they communicate isn’t it.. have a good day .. have your camera at the ready…. except if you are BBQing how is the new garden bench doing.. is it getting a lot of use?

  2. Adogably good teacher!

    • LOL thanks for the morning smile.. hope you are enjoying grand summer weather, you must be preparing to take off again soon. HUGS

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