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Good Sunday morning dear friends.

Day 15 – PL Calendar – Being attentive makes life more enjoyable.

Live life paying careful attention to every detail be it big or small.  By doing so, you will be able to experience the subtle joy in things.

That said, I began the world with a visit to a long ago time, in a galaxy far far away. I now know what an ewok is.  Cute little fellows, and very good warriors.  The little story I read had them fighting biker scouts.  Have to admit that I found that the biker scouts were interesting.  Best of all I liked a character called Chewie.  If you are a Star Wars fans you by now realize that this is a brand new world for me.

Golly Gee Mollie, where have I been =^_^=  Goes to show we are never too old to learn about new galaxies, and the worlds that live in or on them.


I learned that there is a forest moon.  How cool is that!  The Ewok is small, furry and lives in the forest.  Sigh every day is so exciting when you can learn about such amazing new characters ..there is such an incrediable amount of talent out there, I can’t wait to make new discoveries.

What about you, have you taken on anything new?  Do you think about new ways to do things that you have being doing in a routine fashion?  One of my upcoming challenges will be to do a character doll for the month of October, Doll Club meeting.

Challenge yourself,  You have so much unused creativity, step outside your comfort zone, live life to the fullest.  Can’t wait to read or hear about your adventures.

Keep the Faith…..



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Comments on: "being attentive" (6)

  1. Life is an adventure. I can’t wait to see your character doll. Cheers

  2. Your post made us smile – you put a very refreshing spin on a very old franchise. There is a child-like wonder to your discovery of Star Wars! I am more of a Star Trek girl than Star Wars. My husband, the Star Wars fan had warnings for future films but I won’t share them. We don’t want to spoil your adventure! Hugs to you!

    • I have only paid attention because of someone’s grandson… and found the characters adorable.. at least in the book I found….lol I am sure there are many others out there. wave to her friend across the miles..

  3. Creativity is an amazing gift, which you have.

    • good morning dear Cindy, I wonder what part of the world you are in today. Thank you for the kind words, creativity certainly is a blessing in everyone’s life. oyashikiri..xxo

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