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ice snow & cold

windows ice

Today was a world of blue skies, ice, and crystal coated trees, rocks and fauna – the magic and artistry of it all, was breath-taking. enchantment in every direction The greatest moments in life, are God-given.


When we hide inside on days when the world beckons, We miss moments that can never be replayed, and sights that are for NOW, tomorrow it will  be another presentation.

Live every moment of the day, you will blessed with a life of amazement, and wonder.


Be kind, be gentle. laugh a lot, appreciate the small things.

PL Calendar 2019 – day 2

Live each day filled with hope.

Comments on: "ice snow & cold" (9)

  1. I can hear the quiet in these beautiful photos

  2. A lovely gallery and sound thoughts

  3. Great images, I can almost feel the crisp cold.

  4. Moz Loordes said:

    Beautiful pictures, my friend. Although I tend to hibernate until spring nowadays, there’s no denying the beauty of the natural world in winter. The pure white snow and the reflections in the ice combined with a cold but bright blue sky are a wonderful and heartening expression which can appreciated whether you capture it in a picture or you go out and experience it.

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