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innocence in art

anna June 23

When we are young and begin our journey, art is a creative outlet.  A way of expression. Young eyes, will replicate with whatever medium they have on hand and will delight us with their drawings and insights.

As we travel the road of life, our thoughts and views take on different forms of expression.  This drawing was done by my 6 year old niece, seeing it, I was filled with memories of the days where I lay with my pencils, crayons and rescued papers, designing what I knew would be the gowns and dresses of the “fashion” world.

What happens to our dreams, do they actually go away, or do they blossom into an assortment of different colour and shapes.  I still think of drawing and using fashion when I sit to “express”  my thoughts, the key word being -think-  that disappears the minute I see a blank page/canvass.  My innocence has had years of living to change its perceptions.

PL Precept #1   Life is Art,   friends, go with the flow, the only constant in life is change.  Life your life to the fullest, appreciate and be grateful for all the comes your way.  Growing pain and all.  You “art” will shine and continue to be uniquely yours.


*yesterday at this time, I was heading for Montreal and fish tails. =^_^=


Comments on: "innocence in art" (11)

  1. Nick Vrtis said:

    Interesting post. Made me try to remember what “art” I did when I was growing up. And I realized that I didn’t draw, I “built” things. Model trains, cars, war dioramas, humane rabbit traps, And I still do, but now I use computers and programs.

  2. Moz Loordes said:

    That’s interesting from Nick… what he did in childhood he carried on through. As a child I was always creating stories, scenarios and using my imagination like that. As a grown up (larger kid lol) I made my living writing stories in much the same way.

  3. I was the same with drawing as a child. I think at some point, I started to judge my work and did not judge it as being very good. Perhaps we lose the ability to draw for the fun of it. We should be more like children. Cheers

  4. I love the expressions in art by children, the innocence exhibited by every mark. Your niece expressed a wonderful work. 🙂

  5. Beautifully poignant

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