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love my rocks


PL calendar day 6

Past, present or future, always remember to be sincere and honest.  At any time, the place where you are standing at that moment is the stage upon which you must express yourself.  At each moment in time, there is sure to be a way to express yourself in relation to your position or status.

Nature/Universe is infinite – be respectful in all ways and Always.



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  1. Please elaborate on the last sentence: “At each moment in time, there is sure to be a way to express yourself in relation to your position or status.”

    • Good morning I asked Rev Eugene to reply =^_^= Hi,

      What that means is: depending on the relationship you have with the person you are talking to, your expression will be different. E.g., if you are friends, then you can be candid, freely express yourself. If you are a supervisor, then you need to be more understanding of your subordinate. If you are the President of the United States, then you should have more compassion, understanding and feeling of harmony. But, if you are talking to the Russians knowing that they meddled in the elections, then he should be stern.

      Rev. Eugene

      Hope this is helpful, enjoy the day, weather has been good in your area of Japan?. A friend is being married there this coming week, photos sent back have been showing backgrounds of clear blue skies. _/\_

  2. Thanks Reverend. All is clear now.

    Unfortunately, the weather in Tokyo has not been clear. Gloom and rain all day and unseasonably cold. Didn’t sleep last night so I skipped church because I hate falling asleep in front of people. Not a good excuse. The wife is not happy. This to shall pass (ツ)


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