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Identification ?

A friend captured this beauty, (on camera) but we do not know what it is. Does anyone out there recognize this little critter? She spied this while out camping, past Deep River, Ontario. (Canada)

Don’t blame others. It is easy to place the blame on others and society for the problems you encounter in the life. But you are the one with the power to change the outcome.

Perfect Liberty 28, 2019

My sister and I went to lunch with a good friend along the St. Lawrence yesterday. The fall colours are beginning to appear. In some places they are brilliant in others they are still shy. How luck we are to live in a country where the four seasons are so distinctive and beautiful in what they offer.

to the heavens I am reaching


Comments on: "Identification ?" (9)

  1. Beautiful fall foliage! From whatsthatbug.com: “The markings on the wings of your Giant Eastern Crane Fly, Pedicia albivitta, are very distinctive. Crane Flies are harmless creatures that have a feeble flight. According to BugGuide: “larvae are aquatic; adults may be found on nearby vegetation and may be attracted to artificial light.”

  2. I can identify with the thought about the distinct four seasons

  3. Maybe an anorexic butterfly-fly?

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