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friendship -Peace

Sometimes I save a picture from somewhere, usually I will note were I found it, this time I did not. Finding it in my folder, I thought it we a good visual for today.

Friendships are so varied, if we look at our list of friends, each is so different, with his/her own personality, and characteristics, yet when we are with them, there is that glow of friendship that happens, making whatever event or activity you are doing together.. a celebration of that friendship.

Some we see often, and some, seldom. Yet we know them and find comfort in that friendship. When you connect with another human being, keep it honest and sincere. The friendship circle will widen.

Life without friends can be very empty.

On the 1st of the month, in Perfect Liberty we celebrate and pray for World Peace.

World Peace starts from Peace at Home. Your life is part of the bigger world beyond you. Start with your surroundings and spread peace to the world around you.

Perfect Liberty 2012.1.


Comments on: "friendship -Peace" (7)

  1. I like it, and agree.

  2. Very nice piece of philosophy, truth. I am going to reblog this one for you.

  3. Great image. The message it illustrates is important, IMO. By cooperating, our meerkat friends are all able to share the heat from above, share their warmth with each other, block the wind, and keep sharp little eyes looking in all directions for enemies. All at the same time and at no cost. How many humans in the same situation would insist that they were in charge of the warmth, monopolize it, and let only their buddies benefit from it for a fee, of course (in the case of government and bureaucrats, permits and taxes)? Our fuzzy friends didn’t make the warmth, and don’t control the warmth, but they share it and gain other benefits. Ahh to be a fuzzy meerkat!

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