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Thursday doors

Good Thursday morning all. Three of the pictures were taken by a friend in Michigan, he is a very kind and talented individual, he knows of my “passion” for old buildings and doors”. The bright Xmas door is my latest find from the Dollar Tree (stores located here and in the States)

For more pictures of doors, and to follow https://miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind.wordpress.com/2019/11/14/thursday-doors-november-14-2019/ Norm has a feature every Thursday, he is the brain child of Thursday Doors.

We had a great meeting yesterday at the Doll Club, even managed to raise some money for the House of Lazarus in Mountain. (food bank) Remember to give when you can.

Always live life with a smile, life is no longer a trial when we believe.

Being considerate of others is just as important as what works for you. Always be mindful of the situations of others not just your own. To have a good relationship with those around you always think of what is important to them too.

Perfect Liberty 2019.14


Comments on: "Thursday doors" (16)

  1. Lovely!

  2. I, too, have a red door Christmas ornament and look forward to unwrapping it each year when decorating our tree. I’ve had it for many years and no longer can find additional ones to create a collection. I guess having one makes it so much more special.

  3. That Christmas door is fun, but I like the other ones, too. Happy Thursday!


  4. Those are some cool photos you’re friend made. I live that rustic look. 👀

    • yeah, he is good at what he does.. (hopefully he won’t read this) he won’t be able to pull his turtle neck over his head /P

  5. Lovely old barn, your friend has a good eye.

  6. I love the old barn in the process of being overgrown by nature. Nice find by your friend. =)

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