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Problem bro?

When there are two different perspectives to a situation.
Clearly Viktor sees no problem with his current state of “happiness;
He has just come in from enjoying some creative time in the backyard.
He dug himself the most amazing bed in the cool earth,
There is obviously confusion on his human’s part.. after all,
wasn’t the objective of the exercise for him to enjoy time outside in the fresh air.

When something comes to mind, do it right away. The moment that you notice something is the best time to take car of it. If you react quickly your life will be more efficient.

Perfect Liberty 2020.18

I’m sure Viktor was outside enjoying himself. What he hadn’t counted on was the human reaction to his “living in the moment” That happens, It is that ripple effect. WE are all arm chair detectives… what do you see when you look at Viktor’s reaction to his Human’s tirade.

Just saying.


Comments on: "Problem bro?" (6)

  1. “Gosh, I didn’t think you’d be so upset!” Even his friend looks concerned! 😉

  2. Dogs will be dogs! Can’t hardly blame for it. But cleaning up after them…

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