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let go & Let God

night magic

starlight, star bright, how clear you are this night

I close my eyes and pray

that I will wake another day

For tonight under the stars above

I heard the call of a morning dove

yes, it was far away

still I heard what it had to say

I lay here under your canopy of velvet black

interwoven with dazzling brilliant starlight

feeling the lull and pull of the evening tide

knowing dear heart that you are by my side

I pray the Universe will keep you safe

so in the morning when I wake

your ever present love will take my breath away

for when I pray, I let go and let God

it is the only way*

past,present future, it is all the same.. love is love


photo by Shirley Keene NZ

  • Life is Art – * PL Way

Comments on: "let go & Let God" (8)

  1. Excellent message and photo

  2. What a great piece of poetry. I really like the photo also. Nice!

    • good morning dear friend, you were going to be my inspiration this morning, I planned to leave early and grab a shot of a door I saw… guess what, I’m still here, have not gone yet, and the sun is now doing its best to melt the day. Waves to you from across the miles.

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