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Thursday doors

submitted by MC

Be a person who can recognize the sincerity of others. When you put your whole heart into things, you will be able to notice the sincere acts of others in the subtle things they do, and appreciate them that much more,

Perfect Liberty 2020.23

Always pray “for the happiness of others and Society” Praying only for your own wishes is not the true way we should be. Strive to do things for the sake of others, and pray for their happiness as well.

Perfect Liberty 2012.23

Be able to quickly shift your state of mind. Once something has happened you can’t undo it. Be able to shift your state of mind quickly so that you can take on the situation with a fresh perspective.

Perfect Liberty 2011.23


For more doors visit Norm 2.0 https://miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind.wordpress.com/2020/07/23/thursday-doors-july-23-2020/

Comments on: "Thursday doors" (6)

  1. That’s a wonderful entrance! Thanks for sharing the photo and the advice – I wish the world would follow that.

    • Thanks Dan I was in old Montreal yesterday, I was not driving, so couldn’t stop and take pictures, what an abundance of history there is there (in doors)… The basic of all .. love begins at home… and spreads out to all around.. is somehow .. lost these days.. like you.. I wish for “more peace on earth and goodwill towards…..” WAVES a good morning to you from overcast Ottawa.

  2. Is that stained glass? That’s a nice entrance.

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