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mer blu

I’ve never had birds fly so close to me, almost land on me, even light on my camera. I was totally enchanted with my walk… it (boardwalk) was one way, only once or twice did I encounter other visitors. The experience was all mine.

Adapt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

life and time are the world’s best teachers.


Life is ART

Perfect Liberty, Precept #1


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  1. Lovely post with good quotes to match. I have read Emerson’s “Nature.” I am sure you have read Thoreau’s “Walden,” or “Spring?” The way he describes nature is just a pleasure to read.

  2. Beautiful colors in the landscape!
    I’ve noticed lately some small birds (warblers?) foraging through the garden and they similarly seem unafraid. I’m wondering if they are new fledglings hatched in the wilds of the Canadian boreal forest and we are the first humans they’ve seen and haven’t learned to be cautious around us?

    • I’m not sure but for me it was a very unusual experience. Mind you they were in their protected natural habitat there.. If only that small slice of “wonder” could filter into the outer world.. .. waves a cheerful good morning.

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