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Monday Monday

new comers to the dining area

The temperature has dropped. Last week we hit record highs, this deep drop in the temperature has made the house feel cold Brrrr. With the change in the weather, we’re seeing new birds in the area… What I have noticed is that last week when the weather was balmy, there were birds signing in the front and backyard. Since yesterday when the temperature began to dip, no singing. This morning all is silent too. Wonder what it will be like when I get out to Dewberry and Mer Bleue.

took this back in 2016, I have better cameras now.. but won’t find this location nor will the birds be sitting there! =^_^=

Perceiving equals doing – Each time you notice something, it is a gift from God. Don’t miss this opportunity to act.

Perfect Liberty 2021.15

Have a great start to the day. Here it is clear and bright… …. no matter the weather, make the world around you shine!


It is interesting as I look back at pictures I took years ago, (going through old files) I can see the difference in my method of taking a picture and the differences between the various cameras I had. One thing is consistent, they all bring back a “memory” of another time and place.

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  1. It always feels colder when the temp goes up and then drops. Have a great day.

    • the times are changing, with the time change, the birds don’t have clocks, so their routines basically flow with their own natural rhythm… I am finding new birds (the red wing blackbirds) are there and other smaller birds, that can usually be found, but my “regulars” don’t appear to be around. It was very quiet today… very…

  2. *Waves to dymoon and says “hello”

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