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Saying Goodbye

When someone we love – travels into the Universe – on wings of air so light, only his/her memory remains

I recently learned that a special friend, was dealt a blow that sent him reeling. His life was turned upside down with the news that his son (42 years old) was no longer of this world. I can only imagine that moment of reality that he, his wife and family had to live, was not only crushing but life changing.

Myself I learned of this news only the other day, I happened on him as he wandered on the street by his home, lost, fighting for control of his feelings. With each word that fell from his lips, I felt the raw pain, saw the fight within himself for control. I was walking one of my dogs, she became very quiet, attentive and with me, she quietly gave all her attention to his words, feelings and outpouring.

It is important in this lifetime of ours to never take for granted that everything will still be the same tomorrow. Life as we know it is fragile.

PL Precept # 18 Each moment is a turning point.

There are no words to express the sadness I feel when I think of my friend and his family, and no words that I can or could offer that would ease the pain of their loss.

What I can do .. is ask each and everyone of you who can, and would, to say a prayer for all in the world who are dealing with such pain and loss… Grief has to be lived… and each and every one of us, has had to deal with sorrow at some time in our lives. Prayer is a powerful tool. let us take a few minutes in our day, to say a prayer for all the families in this world who at this time are dealing with a situation that is difficult and hard to bare.. but live with it they must, till time helps ease the pain.

Today in the little bird garden, I asked each bird to carry a prayer into the skies.. that would carry love and healing energy to all who need it.

photo taken my Mark Webster


PL Precept #11 Always be with God

Top photo by Shirley Keen, NZ

Comments on: "Saying Goodbye" (5)

  1. Blessings shared and sent… ❤ _/\_

  2. Loved the post🙏🙏

  3. A good response, Q. A shock no parent needs

  4. My thoughts and prayer go out to your friend.

  5. The loss of one’s child, even if an adult, is certainly about the most heartbreaking news. I’m sad for your friends and their loss.

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