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Fiddle heads

What I came away with was a HUGE craving for steak med. rare with a side dish of fresh fiddle heads. So much so, I cut my “walk” short and headed for the local fresh fresh grocers (Farm Boy) Came home, seared a steak, tossed a salad of greens and shrimps, with a side dish of steamed fiddle heads with melted butter..

I found this woodlands to be more like a park, not so much the rugged, wilderness of other trails. the paths are well worn and the width of a rural road, I’ll have to go back another time and really wander further into and down trails that lead further in. Today I was always hearing the traffic going down Anderson. Even tho’ I was early, shortly after 8, there were other visitors, so a lot of meeting up with other hikers/walkers.

Take the first step with determination. A wishy washy attitude will not help you get a good start on things. The minute you make up your mind to do something, things will start moving forward.

Perfect Liberty 2015.6

Sauteed fiddlehead ferns (Molly Watson)


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  1. Amazing the things you find out that can be eaten.

    • at first I had to be encouraged to taste them.. my first couple of attempts at cooking them were not the greatest, but with time, as they became more available in the upscale markets, the product was cleaned and presented in a better way. Now every year during the season I do my best to always enjoy a side dish of them.. I know people like a dash of lemon on them, but I can do with out the lemon.

    • I know around here, many go gathering at this time, I myself have not.. you can research which ferns are the ones that are eaten, but then, maybe most of them can be if cooked properly. I am a city girl when it comes to gathering food..

      • I know that there are many ways to consume dandelion, and there is a ton that grows around here. I have as yet to be brave enough to try it though.

  2. I’ve heard of eating fiddleheads, but never seen them on a plate. How do they taste?

    • they have a taste that is pretty woodsy .. i love them.. get to eat them only at this time of year, and I always buy from a reliable source. cross between fresh asparagus and Brussel sprouts? I’ve only ever had them served by friends, or done them myself. they require a good cleaning, rinse, and i double boil them, just to make sure they are cleaned. I like them drenched in butter salt and pepper, and sometimes I use garlic butter.

  3. I guessed correctly at fiddleheads, but had never seen them as a delicacy 🙂

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