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same thoughts expressed in a different way from my earlier post

Q's Story Telling

sharing quality time

You’re happy, I’m happy. Have the mindset of “good for you, good for me” Express yourself in a way that makes others happy.

Perfect Liberty 2021.7

knowing that you are not alone

spending quality time just chilling – enjoying a change of scenery

trying something new, something you’ve always wanted to do

Lose your attachments to money and things. Money and things don’t have value unless you actually use them. don’t be stingy nor overly attached to your resources and utilize them to their fullest potential.

Perfect Liberty 2015.7

Being with family and friends

Happiness is about living life with Makoto (sincerity) enjoying the moments as they are presented to you, accepting the opportunities that come your way, knowing, this is NOW. Live it to the best of your ability.

Stay tuned.

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