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I’ve nick named her Moonie

Today I met and saw another first, a muskrat. No didn’t get a picture .. he swam up and under where I was standing, then later came out and swam away. The couple I was chatting with think he/she was/ is perhaps building a nest under the viewing dock where we were.

What is it with my fascination of the goose’s rear end, I have no idea.. but.. gosh I think what she /he does is soooo cute. What can I say, its been a long 14 months!

I did however get a picture with the Canon of a cardinal.

no more no less!

PS. those who know me, know I’ve never been a fan of the Canada Goose. .Here I am this year, enamored with this one goose and her rear end. Life happens!

PL Precept #16 All things progress and develop.

PL Precept #18 Each moment is a turning point

Comments on: "Mooned" (3)

  1. I saw the title and though, “Surely she doesn’t mean…” Yup, you did. At least it was only ducks.

    • thank you so much.. I had such a giggle when I read your comment, its been such a “zip” day, you’ve put the smile back on my face…. what a hoot! sends the sandman your way to sprinkle your dreams with a lot of “happy”… I really appreciated you .. xxo

  2. “Canon of a cardinal” is neat

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