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honk honk

The Canada Geese are back… their loud bark could be heard from the road as I drove up to Mud Lake I heard them bickering and calling out to each other.

For those of you who know this conservation area, you know how congested it can get (with humans) today it wasn’t too bad.. it was a beautiful day, the humans were spaced out, except for a couple that were watching an owl sleep, it was mostly walk by, nod, and keep going … at the bridge tho’ I met a fellow visitor who had some seed in his hand…

The birds seemed to know he was “carrying”… two of them a male and female actually stalked us, so they could get to him.. then they boldly stood and waited for him to “perform”.. I’d swear they were demanding a toll for crossing the bridge. LOL knowing they can deliver a mean bite, I stood very still while they assessed me and then moved along.

It is mating season, believe me you have never heard a demanding aggressive bird until you hear a Canada Goose defending its turf. They race across the ice, necks extended and give off the most abusive sound. I was glad I was an observer and far from the angry male …

patiently waiting while her mate chased the offending bird that dared come too close.

It was with reluctance that I left the area … there was just so much to see… the balmy weather was intoxicating – the forecast is for colder weather .. and snow later.. The birds have settled in.. another trip once the ice is gone will bring a totally different feel, and different birds.

A cheerful smile and expression makes everyone around you happy. When you do everything with a smile, not only you but the people around you will feel good. Always remember to put on a happy face.

Perfect Liberty 2014. 15


I’ve nick named her Moonie

Today I met and saw another first, a muskrat. No didn’t get a picture .. he swam up and under where I was standing, then later came out and swam away. The couple I was chatting with think he/she was/ is perhaps building a nest under the viewing dock where we were.

What is it with my fascination of the goose’s rear end, I have no idea.. but.. gosh I think what she /he does is soooo cute. What can I say, its been a long 14 months!

I did however get a picture with the Canon of a cardinal.

no more no less!

PS. those who know me, know I’ve never been a fan of the Canada Goose. .Here I am this year, enamored with this one goose and her rear end. Life happens!

PL Precept #16 All things progress and develop.

PL Precept #18 Each moment is a turning point



The other day, this pond was quiet, still.

Yesterday it was populated with a gaggle of ducks happily enjoying the sunshine of an early fall day.


same location,   except in this picture I am on the other side of the little pond.

Before…  in  August


Taken Saturday Sept 22.


The only constant in life is change.   Life goes on.  Eliza’s post that I reposted to you just before writing this, caught my “mood” perfectly’.



As one life ends, another begins  ——— one door closes, another opens.  This is what life is all about. new beginnings.



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