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The other day, this pond was quiet, still.

Yesterday it was populated with a gaggle of ducks happily enjoying the sunshine of an early fall day.


same location,   except in this picture I am on the other side of the little pond.

Before…  in  August


Taken Saturday Sept 22.


The only constant in life is change.   Life goes on.  Eliza’s post that I reposted to you just before writing this, caught my “mood” perfectly’.



As one life ends, another begins  ——— one door closes, another opens.  This is what life is all about. new beginnings.



Thank you Thank you

bee and lotus

Faith and Prayer

I was so overcome with emotion when I saw all your comments and encouragement on FB about our recent loss (Canaille) and my husband’s cancer.  We know we are facing a long road ahead, the treatment will be aggressive.

Your thoughtful words of encouragement, and empathy for our situation, is so heart warming.

Each day is a new beginning, tomorrow we hope for word on just what the team of doctors have  laid out as a game plan.

I feel so blessed to have shared time on this planet with each and everyone on of you. You are part of my happiness and joy.

Knowing and feeling the healing energy that is being sent our way, is a balm…

I pray that the Universe will embrace each of you with heaven-sent blessings.

Dymoon aka.Q


PL Precept 11  Always be with God
# 11

Wordless Wednesday =sunshine yellows and….


So pretty, so bright, little dandelion

you are the Bee’s delight


no matter where you grow, 

your golden glow

will beckon


and of course, euphorbia polychroma

the dense tuft of surprisingly green leaves

and lovely bright yellow bracts


reaching for the skies 

the magnolia tree is preparing to shine

in a day or two

these delicate  fuchsia buds will open


the deep defined leaves of the ivy 

have started their climb


soon the buddha will be covered

not smothered,

but dressed in a living cloak or vest


next to the corkscrew hazel

this Amur maple has

started to protest the long winter

and is showing her strong desire

to break free and thrive again


all around

new growth abounds

the ground has come alive

and so my dears, have I

for like the seasons

each day is a new beginning

as the bees stir and begin their quests

the delicious dandelions

awaits their visit

Yay another day has begun

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

pictures and text -Q

Dag,hallo, Hello everyone!

handmade card - via Jeannie Donnelly Today we are welcoming a new member to the PL (Perfect Liberty) Family, Rev.Tiago and his wife Paloma are proud parents to a beautiful  baby girl .. a sister for their first princess.  Double  delights and pleasures in their world. Congratulations!  Girls, bundles of sweetness and light.  Another new chapter in their lives. =^_^= Isn’t it exciting when someone in you life experiences a life changing moment.  When I researched what was out there for new births I was happy to find that there is such array creativity out there.   A wealth of ideas for those who like to make their own cards, suggestions for doing a nursery, knitted items, the sweetest little outfits, in this instance, all pinks and pastels . A whole new world for an “oldie” like myself. Each day brings something new into our lives, Something to discover and appreciate. Whether directly in our daily comings and goings or in the world around us.  Cherish  happy moments, treasure the memories they will have for you in later years.  Let us take today and make it special.  Look in the mirror and smile,  “you’ve come a long way baby!!” fe5ccc78919c05a182227b6cf93939d0 With deep affection I would like to offer up a prayer that each and everyone of you today will feel the presence of the Universe in your lives.  It is a new day, and a new beginning for whatever it is you want to do.    Blessings… Oyashikiri       * handmade card>Pinterest (Jeannie Donnelly) ** silk floral found on etsy.com (BeautyEverlasting)



Have the Courage to Take the First Step

Have the Courage to Take the First Step

PL teaching day 19
If you are timid, you will never be able to break free and start something new. Believe in yourself and take the first step.

Have the Courage to Take the First Step.n (PL)

The more we do, the more self reliant we are. (Tao)


Letting Go

Letting Go I will be leaving soon for Japan, finally, the time is drawing near. Next week. I will be leaving all my electronic gadgets at home and boarding a plane for an island far away, one that I have only read about or seen on travel shows. I know that this trip will change my life forever. It is a trip I have waited for, for a very long time. 1. Rensei training, PL’s unique spiritual,mental and physical training, conducted only at the PL Holy Land. By participating in this specially blessed training, one’s state of mind can be purified and we can embody the PL teachings.  2. I will be there for the annual Founders’ Day Ceremony, a power packed event that ends with an hour long display of the world’s greatest fireworks “The Art of PL Fireworks” I am being asked so many questions from friends and family. Will I take pictures, will I sight see, will I shop? Nothing is further from my mind. In preparation I have been meditating, and praying not only to try to prepare for this experience, but to accept the Letting Go of the part of “me” that will not be coming back. Daily I’ve been cleaning out, & paring down of material possessions.  With each piece I pass along, the more the physical space becomes uncluttered,, the more serene I become. PL teaching day 17..Always Challenge Yourself With New things... Life is interesting because we always encounter unknown or new situations that we have never experienced before. Proactively challenge each new situation. Meanwhile, our new Sr. Minister (Rev. Eugene) arrives this week, we will meet Saturday for a special ceremony, and Sunday the 21st we will all celebrate Thanksgiving together.  The PL community will gather to meet and greet. Please if you are in the area, you know that you are welcome to attend.  Contact information can be had from our web page.  Rev. Goto will now be based out of New York. He will continue from there to be available to anyone  wanting information on PL     Rev. Tiago our resident minister is also available to assist you in Portuguese, Spanish,French,or English. Blessings.  Good Night everyone!

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