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These two pictures were taken by award winning photographer Darrell Larose. You see more of Darrell’s work by visiting his Instagram account, DarrellLarosePhoto. I am new to his work, & very taken by his pictures of the wildlife he encounters. You know I tried to get a picture of the muskrat I saw at Sarsaparilla Trail, to no avail. When I saw Darrell’s photos of a muskrat I asked permission to share them. (his pictures were taken in the west end at Mud Lake) so its not the save critter.. but just as cute.

If I’m learning anything these past months, its that the dedicated photographers out there that capture the wonderful wild life that is around .. are not only patient and skilled at their craft, they will occasionally share . From my experience they are also willing to help a beginner =^_^=

Till soon.. enjoy the rest of your day..

PL Precept #7 Everything exists in relativity.

Tudo existe em relatividade

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