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so near yet so far

Oh say can you see…………………. sigh….. so rich with vaccines, and we can’t get across to access what is there for the taking. I heard that in some places they are offering incentives of free vaccines if you come to visit. All very tempting except … it is no easy task to get over there to do so.

I got to the St. Lawrence by way of a visit to Sarsaparilla Trail in the west end. I brought a friend who had not been in awhile, she had not met Gisele before.. Gisele bless her little feathered heart was there… and gladly mooned us when I greeted her.

You can just see the young duck swimming away after having graced us with his presence for a brief visit. It was quiet today, there was another male duck and a turtle close to the viewing platform.

The drive along the St. Lawrence is such a pretty drive, there were not too many cars. At Cardinal, I stopped to allow for us to get out and stretch the legs.. there were people but the picnic tables and BBQs were all vacant of people, there were people along the inner canal fishing.. along the bank.. aside from that, it was also very quiet.

We got take out at McDonalds then drove down to the pier to eat. Usually there would be boats going back and forth in the channel, today except for one or two motor boats, the waters were void of “traffic”

what can I say,, she is a show off..
smile and the world smiles with you

Comments on: "so near yet so far" (7)

  1. It’s a real blessing to wiggle your rear to the heavens! 🙂

    • LOL and she gives it her all… I’d never seen this before I started to spend time with her.. now of course, I know that it is typical behavior for ducks and geese.. still its cute

  2. She is very trusting! Must be good stuff to eat down there. 😉

    • have no idea, but she certainly gives it her undivided attention. the friend I had with me, found her “charming”.. she stayed long enough to give us big smiles..

  3. lise lawrence said:

    Beautiful,have a beautiful day.

  4. So near, and yet so far from me…sigh!

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