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following the trail

Pictures of some of the “ladies” that were on display today… the vegetation is growing in leaps and bounds, won’t be long and the road will have reduced by half. It (vegetation) is coming in on both sides.

I’ll do it later. No, I’ll do it now. To make progress, do anything while its still fresh.

Perfect Liberty 2021.25

Today’s visit was longer than I expected it to be. I found that the trails I would have or had been taking, were not that inviting. With all the new growth, they were dark, and from a distance, I could hear the hum of mosquitos. Not inviting. I sprayed on the repellent and took off down the paved road. Thought I’d try to find the green gate on my own. Not that it would be difficult, it was just a matter of walking till I came upon it.

The spine that I should you pictures of in previous blog.. was at one time found just in, beyond the gate. Its been weeks now since the first “hiker/walker” found it… I doubted it would still be there, still I decided to venture in beyond the gate.

this was what I was hoping to find. I didn’t see any trace of it.

What I did encounter was an immediate invasion of cannibal minded mosquitos. They were everywhere, swarming around my head, trying to bit through my sleeves.. Not pretty. When I left the car I thought to bring my “Off”.. but I didn’t.. obviously my protection I had sprayed on when started out, was not going to hold these attackers off. I made a quick exit back to the open road.

The new tracker app that a friend suggested I put on my phone, has been fun, it tells me how many miles and steps I do. I’m happy that with each outing I’m getting better, and able to go just that little bit further without huffing and puffing! LOL there is hope for me yet!!

Take care everyone, enjoy whatever it is you are embarking on….

and BE HAPPY!!!

Comments on: "following the trail" (3)

  1. That skeleton. Wow.

  2. lise lawrence said:

    Beautiful.have a good day.

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