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overcast & rain

It’s okay! God is watching over you. Things turn out for the best. Don’t be captured by momentary troubles but continue doing everything with sincerity.

Perfect Liberty 2021.19

A note. I have been walking now with an app for about 3 weeks, today I achieved the 100K “medal”.. That felt rather good to read that on the app. I try to do about 2 miles a day. Why it is giving me the medal in K. I don’t know. But.. it sounds good.. It will give me the incentive to keep going.

Even though it was raining, I kept a steady pace, and actually incorporated arm movements, and high knee stepping into the walk. I wasn’t distracted by “picture taking” or using my walking stick(s). There are benefits to walking in the rain! =^_^=

I found out today, the little cut out there along the side, is where the baby turtles can leave the shelter when they are ready to embark on their journey of life. Seems the mother turtle, once she finds a place to drop her eggs, simply moves on with her life. ( see previous blog)

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  1. Clever design!

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