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Turtle follow up

Meet the turtle I met the other day, I have since been told she is a snapping turtle, the mound of earth that she left, has since been protected by I will assume the wild life staff that monitor what is happening in the conservation area. Needless to say I was happy to see that the “nest” has been protected. I had to reposition the green warning flags, but aside from that, her place looks like it has been secured. My next question, is how will she get back to be with her eggs, or does she even care?

It was a beautiful day, I’m getting better at doing the walk, and with a softer foot fall. =^_^= new walking shoes/runners help. With the little rain we’ve had, I note that the water in the area is not as high as it was over the past months.

there is a magical quality to the shadow/light when it dances on the water
Do everything willingly and joyfully!

Comments on: "Turtle follow up" (2)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Nope. She is done with the eggs. The eggs will hatch and the babies will start heading for water and food. Assuming a fox, hawk, eagle, etc. doesn’t find them first. The conservation folks will probably keep an eye out to at least make sure humans don’t bother them.

  2. Good news – confirmation of the fellow blogger who suggested egg-laying. Good questions about the eggs

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