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Lazy day by the river

I wanted so badly to be on the water. The kayaks drifting along were such a tease to my imagination. Had I had water proof footwear I would have walked in the water.. it was so inviting. there are no swimming signs. A place to sit on the water’s edge with feet in the water.. ahhhh just the thought is enticing…. I looked for a suitable place, but couldn’t find one. The wild parsnip, upper left corner, is poisonous, there is a big sign that says to keep away, & not touch it. Very pretty though. The bird that I see and hear the most of is the red wing black bird. It is everywhere, unfortunately my camera doesn’t zoom in enough to catch it, but I do see it almost in and around every corner.

Change your mind, thinking “It will be alright” Do the best you can without being overly attached.

Perfect Liberty 2021.20

Comments on: "Lazy day by the river" (3)

  1. Spending time even close to water is so relaxing.

  2. It’s good to swee people out enjoying the river.

    • yes, I agree, just had to be careful not to have them close enough to identify, I asked the guy fishing for permission, but of course the ones on the water . I couldn’t .. that spot is very popular with the community that lives near by.. I enjoyed visiting but I think I prefer the nature trails that are more “rugged”… I’m going through a phase .. I think its a by product of the last year and a half.. sigh…

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